We present another company of Rosco Polska – an exclusive jewelry store “M&A Luxury”

When establishing the M&A Luxury brand, we connected two worlds together. A world of passion and the world of business. Working on the luxury products market for us today is working with individual people. We meet him, we talk to him in order to be able to offer a product especially for him. This is our philosophy and it turns out to be effective because we work with clients from the USA, Western Europe and Asia.
M&A Luxury’s business is selling unique jewelry, watches, and precious stones. They are available in our online store, however, considering our philosophy of cooperation with individual clients, we are at your disposal in Poznań, Warsaw, Krakow and Berlin, it depends on you where it will be most convenient to meet us to talk about jewelry and dedicated investment.
Please visit the store at: https://maluxury.pl/

16 January, 2020|

Rosco is going to co-produce a film adaptation of a best-selling novel ”W” jak morderstwo by Katarzyna Gacek

Rosco Polska is going to co-produce yet another film! This time it is a classic crime story and an adaptation of Katarzyna Gacek’s novel “W” jak morderstwo.

The action of “W” jak morderstwo takes place in modern times in Podkowa Leśna. During a walk with her crazy dog, the protagonist and narrator, Magda, 35 years old, who describes herself as “a classic housewife”, finds a corpse of a murdered woman. The investigation grasps her interest, particularly because it is led by her friend’s husband – a policeman from police station in Grodzisk. This interest develops into an obsession when it turns out, that the murdered woman had a necklace, that had belonged to Weronika, Magda’s missing friend from years ago, the loss of whom had deeply hurt the protagonist.

5 November, 2019|

New website and new offer of Art and Gifts

We present the offer of Art and Gifts – an experienced artistic agency, belonging to the Rosco group, which organizes various cultural events. The agency is the producer of most of them, which makes its offer unique. In the portfolio you will find various types of events, concerts, performances, festivals and cabarets. We invite you to visit our website: www.artandgifts.pl

17 October, 2019|

“Werewolf” with a chance for the European Film Award!

“Werewolf” by Adrian Pank, co-produced by Rosco Poland, is one of 46 films nominated for the European Film Award (EFA). The European Film Academy nominated “Werewolf” together with “Clergy” by Wojciech Smarzowski and “Citizen Jones” by Agnieszka Holland. The 32nd award ceremony will take place on December 7th in Berlin. All the best to “Werewolf”.

16 October, 2019|

Kolejna spółka w grupie Rosco: RoscoTax – nowoczesne biuro rachunkowe!

Serdecznie zachęcamy do zapoznania się z ofertą nowej spółki należącej do grupy Rosco – Rosco Tax Jesteśmy spółką z ograniczoną odpowiedzialnością, która powstała poprzez wydzielenie działalności finansowo-księgowej z Grupy Rosco Polska. Od wielu lat prowadzimy księgowość zarówno spółek z grupy jak i klientów zewnętrznych. Więej informacji o spółce - www.roscotax.pl Zapraszamy do współpracy!

18 January, 2019|

“Gwiazdy na Gwiazdkę” 12/9/2018 – Photo gallery

On December 9th 2018 ICE Kraków Congress Centre held a magical concert organised by a company of the Rosco Group – Art&Gifts. :)
The magical Christmas atmosphere was brought by: EVA, Kasia Cerekwicka, Łukasz Zagrobelny, Sławek Uniatowski and Chopin University Big Band, conducted by Piotr Kostrzewa.

14 January, 2019|

“Gwiazdy na Gwiazdkę” concert at ICE Kraków 12/9/2018!

Art & Gifts, a company within the Rosco Polska group, is proud and happy to invite you to a wonderful concert, during which Polish music stars: Kasia Cerekwicka, EVA, Sławek Uniatowski and Łukasz Zagrobelny, will take you to the magical holiday world.

5 October, 2018|

Double award for “Werewolf” at the Gdynia Festival!

We are very happy to inform you, that the film “Werewolf” directed by Adrian Panek, co-produced by Rosco Polska, achieved double success on the 43rd Gdynia Film Festival!
On Saturday, September 22nd, Adrian Panek received an award for the best director, and Antoni Komasa-Łazarkiewicz for the best music composed for the film “Werewolf”!
We, as co-producers, are proud to see such a positive reaction to the film. All we can say is that we would like to invite you all to the cinemas in the beginning of 2019!

24 September, 2018|

The premiere of “Werewolf” in Gdynia

Yesterday, that is on September 20th, during the Gdynia Film Festival the film “Werewolf”, directed by Adrian Panek, had its opening night. The co-producer of the film was Rosco Polska Sp. z o.o.
After the festival in Gdynia we are looking forward to more events. We are very happy to inform you, that the premiere of “Werewolf” will take place soon, during this year’s Fantastic Fest in Austin, Texas (20–27.09).

24 September, 2018|

“Werewolf” on the 43rd Gdynia Film Festival

The film “Werewolf”, co-produced by Rosco Polska, was qualified for this year’s Gdynia Film Festival. Apart from “Werewolf”, 15 other films are going to compete for the Golden Lion 2018. Among them “Clergy” by Wojciech Smarzowski, “Mug” by Małgorzata Szumowska, “Cold War” by Paweł Pawlikowski. We wish all the best to “Werewolf” on this year’s festival.

25 July, 2018|