Rosco Steel


Rosco Steel Ltd.
ul. Mikołaja Reja 12, 35-211 Rzeszów, Poland
tel.: +48 17 711 19 70
fax: +48 17 854 77 28

The company’s activity

  • pipelines, discharge ducts, cyclones, chimneys, dampers
  • depressurised and pressure vessels, silos, containers
  • driers with internal installation
  • various types of sheet-metal cases
  • outer furnace bodies
  • machine components, mechanically worked
  • steel constructions, platforms, stairs, ladders, supports, etc.

Rosco Steel Ltd. was created by selecting the activities in the steel industry in the area of order picking and assembly for equipment and constructions from the company, Rosco Poland. Rosco Steel took over all the customers, as well as contractors, with whom Rosco Polska cooperated.
We offer the order picking and assembly for equipment and steel constructions according to the customer’s documentation. Our company is characterized by:

  • Competitive services at low market prices
  • ISO 9001:2008 Certificate issued by the German company TÜV SÜD Management
  • Service GmbH
  • Flexible and on schedule adaptation to individual customer needs
  • The best logistics solution in spite of the considerable distance from our customers
  • High product quality

We provide our production and assembly services in the European market in the following areas:

  • Installations for e.g. chemical, wood, glass-making, food, paper or cement industries
  • Installations for energy generation and environmental protection