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The “Cubby” beach changing room with advertising space

  • Modern
  • Unique
  • Individual
  • High quality and aesthetics
We are looking for business partners in coastal regions of Europe and USA. Please contact us via email or form on the left.

Our changing room combines the advantages of an extremely practical element of beach infrastructure with advertising media. Aesthetic ads placed on it are highly effective due to the time that potential customers spend in contact with them (unusual for outdoor advertising), and the fact that they associate the advertised content with leisure time spent outdoors.

Our product is made of a sturdy, galvanized steel structure with a wooden floor and weather-resistant polycarbonate walls.

The Cubby offers 8 m2 of usable cabin space with separate entrances and exits – there are no doors or other moveable parts subject to wear. Its sturdy, compact design allows quick and easy installation on all sites, and additional anchors provide extra stability in difficult conditions. The aesthetic design suits any landscape.

The walls provide a large advertising space of up to 16 m2, clearly visible even from a long distance. Advertisements are made of high-quality print on special film. The inner 10 m2 advertising surface gives you the opportunity to publish ads and smaller notices concerning local concerts, restaurants, nightlife, events or festivals.

The Cubby’s undeniable advantage is that the advertising of products whose consumption is inextricably linked with the summer break – such as candy, ice cream, soda and beer – may well result in increased turnover for a nearby bar, restaurant or shop, and thus bring tangible benefits both to local entrepreneurs and manufacturers of the products.

The Cubby cabin is protected by a European patent, unique worldwide among registered products of this type as it is suitable for all substrates from sand and lawns to concrete.
It is available in three versions:

  • Changing room with a roof,
  • Changing room without a roof,
  • Shower or toilet with or without a roof.

Changing rooms with an inbuilt quick connector can transform almost instantly into showers – just plug in water from a garden hose.

The availability of facilities like changing rooms and showers, where you can comfortably prepare for a holiday by the water, adds prestige to a resort and an undoubted advantage over the competition.

We invite you to cooperate with us because it’s really worth it!

As the owner of a patent for the whole of Europe we don’t have to spend time chasing the competition, so each customer is treated with care. Our individual approach provides many types of cooperation prepared for you.

Our mission: to exceed the expectations of our customers by providing the highest quality services.


We are looking for business partners in coastal regions of Europe and USA.