Cabin for disinfecting outwear and exposed parts of the body

The most important information

  • Up to 18 nozzles with an outlet diameter of 0.15 mm provide a working pressure of 35 bars
  • Due to he high efficiency of the nozzles, the time needed to spray a person is only 2 seconds
  • Efficiency up to 1,200 people per hour
  • A system of photocells automating the operation of the disinfection cabin
  • Ramp for wheelchairs
  • Mats for shoes disinfecting and wheels of a wheelchair
  • The easy cabin repositioning system
  • The installation made of stainless steels
  • Light commands informing about the work of the cabin
  • Color to choose from the catalog
  • External, non-contact thermometer for measuring temperature from a distance of 30 cm
  • Advertising space on the outside surfaces of the cabin

Two seconds and ready

The use of a disinfection cabin at the entrance to the building reduces the risk of spreading viruses and bacterias. Dedicated to use at the stations, stadiums, airports, schools, and places where high efficiency is required.

The pressurized disinfectant application system allows for effective, quick and efficient application of microdroplets. Moreover, properly selected nozzles do not cause the so-called condensation at the beginning and end of the sprinkling process. The chamber directs the entire dose of the disinfectant on the person who passes through the cabin, additionally the mats disinfect the soles of shoes. The nozzles are activated automatically by system of photocells.