Rosco Polska sp. z o.o. started operating on the European market in 1994. During the first years of its operation, its core activities covered comprehensive services involving the deliveries and assembly of steel structures and units. Currently, Rosco Polska is a holding company, with subsidiaries all over the world.

Rosco Steel deals with the deliveries of steel units for Western concerns, building factories worldwide. The business objectives of Rosco Eko-Tech are the deliveries of simple steel structures, particularly for companies constructing environment protection units.

Apart from managing daughter companies, Rosco Polska operates and engages in media, cultural and multimedia products. Together with the Polish Artists Assistance Foundation CZARDASZ, it recorded a musical spectacle entitled “Tych miasteczek nie ma już” (“These Villages Are No More”) in which Jerzy Nowak played one of his last roles. Rosco Studios, a division formed within the company, created a mobile game entitled ‘Tiki Defense’. Rosco Polska also considerably supported a musical entitled “Cuda Rebego” and released a CD with carols “Pierwsza Gwiazda” (“First Star”), making a donation from each sold CD to the Małopolskie Hospicjum dla Dzieci (The Małopolska Hospice for Children). In 2010, the Company was awarded a title of the Cultural Patron for the City of Kraków.

The Companies operate efficiently, the effect being the granted Gazela Biznesu awards (both for Rosco Polska and Rosco Steel).

We ensure:

  • Solidity and competence
  • Promptness
  • Perfect quality of workmanship.


Alois Rostek was born in Gliwice in 1948. He worked in the industrial construction sector until 1983, when he started working in Germany as an assembler, constructor and site inspector. He then dealt with the sale of products and the construction of industrial furnaces in various countries all over the world. In 1994 he established a private company which introduced Polish companies onto the German market. The next stage involved the establishment of Rosco HmbH and the sale of modern technological materials for Polish companies. Over time, he expanded the company business activities by the sales and construction of steel units and their delivery to German companies. In Kraków, he formed Rosco Polska which assumed the responsibility of exporting steel products from Rosco HmbH.

Currently, he is the Chairman of the whole Rosco Polska Group which has been transformed into a holding company.

For many years, Alois Rostek has been greatly engaged in cultural and charity activities, not only in Kraków. He supports institutions, startups and entrepreneurs.